As a first time TMAC Member ( Travel Media Association Canada) I had the honour to join my fellow journalists and photographers  on a recent trip to the Laurentians with as final destination Mont Tremblant. Having visited this mountain resort village twice before I was very excited to learn more about the region which is so close to my heart.  After all, I am European and living in Canada now for 13 years I am especially fond of Quebec as it is the closest feel you get in Canada to Europe.  The theme of the conference was well chosen: “Quebec city, Europe so close”   

This day started a bit rainy and foggy, not very attractive weather to go zip lining, but our group arrived at Tyroparc http://www.sports-nature-laurentides.com/en/home/ and up the mountain we went!  Luckily for us girls the guys decided to bring us up with the ATV which was an adventure on its own (you can book a private tour on this amazing vehicle as well). There are a total of 4 zip lines which take you hundreds of feet over beautiful scenery, rivers and valleys.  This was only my second time zip lining and i was a little nervous. The first one I tried was 900 meters long !  Good thing it was foggy and I really didn’t see where I was going at first but I jumped, safely strapped in my harness. The adrenaline rushed through my body as I gained speed, I closed my eyes and then  reached the other side. But not quite.  I was shy about 15 meters and hung  at least 100 meters above the trees.  Guillaume came to the rescue!  He pulled himself over the zip line towards me, clasping my gear he pulled me on the platform.   The same thing happened to Liz a 70 year old with the enthusiasm of a teenager and to fellow Dutch girl, Anne as well.  We loved Guillaume!  He was our hero and handsome too!  After this one we did three more ziplines…one 850 meters long, one 600 meters and one 450 meters. I had gotten the hang of it!

This attraction is also suitable for people with disabilities as well as the young and old. The youngest  was 18 months , safely strapped to his father, the oldest was 91 years old.  There are also climbing walls, a via ferrata, walking trails and the ATV. The park is accessible all year round and a do-not-miss when you are visiting the Laurentians and want a sense of adventure. !



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