I have to admit to being confused about “global warming” myself. What I do read suggests that the province of Nova Scotia where I live is under a kilometer of ice about 80% of the time. We are currently in an interglacial period which has lasted for over 10,000 years and the typical interglacial period lasts less than 12,000 years. By my reckoning we are due for another ice age soon and as I look out my window at -10 degrees and 30 cm of snow I have to wonder why we will soon be paying a carbon tax to make Canada a “colder place”. Visiting the Parks Canada display in Churchill Manitoba a couple of years ago I noticed that the tree line there was FURTHER NORTH a hundred years ago than it is now. Would that not suggest that it was warmer back then? Can anyone clarify this for me? The attached photo shows what Nova Scotia looked like 12,000 years ago (from Wikipedia, obviously not NS today) That is not very long ago folks and history says the whole province will look this way again a lot sooner.

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