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dsc03782    The plane was shaking because of some mild turbulence while approaching Halifax Stanfield airport. I looked outside the small airplane window and saw trees, millions of trees and water. So blue and so green it looked like i was part of a nature documentary in real life time. I was surprised of the amount of lakes i saw surrounded by trees. There was not a house or road in sight . The runway showed itself shortly after and filled with excitement about reaching our final destination this trip, i gathered my things from the seat bag in front of me. It was 1997 and i was looking forward spending the last week of our vacation with my family. At home in the Netherlands my family and friends were surprised about this trip to Canada. No one even had heard about Nova Scotia and if it wasn’t for the movie Titanic i probably never would have either. But after seeing that movie and learning that most victims   were buried on Fairview cemetery in Halifax i had decided thatNova Scotia was the destination we had to go to.

Canada, all i knew about this country is that it was huge and cold and that there were seals, inuits and polar bears, something that was confirmed the year before when we had visited Banff in March for a ski vacation ( very cold ) !  The suitcases were packed with sweaters and socks and a few t shirts just in case. Through customs and off we went! The doors to the outside from the  air conditioned airport opened and wham! The outside warmth hit us. We definitely did`t expect the balmy 29 C it was. We drove in the renal car to our stay in Chester and the kids quickly discovered the pool. I was overwhelmed by the beauty surrounding me, so overwhelmed that i started crying. Not because i was sad but because it was so beautiful and because i was so grateful that i had the opportunity to see this beauty, be absorbed by this beauty. My daughter ( 10 years old at the time) looked at me with her big brown eyes and laughed. : ” Mom you are doing it again” , she said, she  knew her sentimental mother. What really happened that moment on top of Haddon Hill is that Nova Scotia captured my hearth. I was home.  I had travelled a lot up till that moment, have experienced different cultures, different countries, different lifestyles but this was a total different ball game, this was home!  I knew i had to come back here and see if this feeling i had was real. So the next year more of Nova Scotia and yes it was still the same feeling. I knew in my heart that i would eventually end up here, don’t ask me how, i just knew. I immigrated in 2004 and ended up in Chester, the place i so loved from day one.

It hasn’t been a disappointment,  it still is home with mild winters and warm long summers  a beautiful fall and crispy cool winters. Its such a great feeling seeing the sun shine on a fresh snow blanket making the ground sparkle like millions of diamonds. Breathing in the cold air sometimes so cold that your lungs hurt but you feel so alive!  I also learned that no snowflake is alike, they are really all different and so beautiful i wish they wouldn’t melt so i can capture them and collect them and look at them anytime i wanted from a glass jar but…. And then there is the Atlantic ocean, blue, emerald, vast, still or full of sweltering waves. Not a day is the same at the ocean, not one single day. In 2013 i was fortunate enough to find my dream cottage. A cute little haven right on the amazing Atlantic and now this cottage is ready for occupancy after extensive renovations. The cottage of course got the name Seabegs cottage, named after the Barony of Seabegs, George is the 31st Baron of Seabegs and because we live here and not in Scotland its a little piece of Scotland in New Scotland! And you, dear reader, can rent it! Its romantic, cozy , cute and so peaceful and relaxing. I want you to have that same tear flowing feeling that i had when i first landed here. I want to give you too a little piece of heaven, right here in beautiful Nova Scotia. Interested? Send us an email we love to welcome you at Seabegs cottage !

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