Getting ready for Europe

The old Feddal house home of the Burden family

Feddal Castle, once home of the Burden family.

The suitcase is half packed, shoes are polished and and my blazer dry-cleaned.  I am getting ready to fly to Europe! On September 5th we will attend a gathering of the Scottish Baronage where I will meet with my fellow Scottish feudal barons. It is slated to take place at the New Club, in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, on September 5th and to start at 10.00 am.  Among other things we will discuss the 200th anniversary of the famous Peers Ball which was held  on the 22nd of August, 1822.  This occasion was extremely significant for a number of reasons. It was the first time Scottish dress and regalia had been formally (and legally) worn since  1745. It was also the first occasion that a British Monarch (George IV) had attended such an event and indeed the monarch even wore Scottish (Highland) garb.  We are planning to re-enact this event in the same venue where it was first held 200 years ago.  So this would be interesting!  We will also be visiting the Rosslyn Chapel and the remains of Feddal house (now a ruin) built originally in the 17th century. For almost 400 years the Burdens where the Lords of Feddal.  After our Scotland trip we will be going to the Netherlands,  home of my partner and photographer Stella where we will tour the Benelux countries.

Stay Tuned!

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